Being a member of ISF gives you a unique perspective on the seed industry and gets your voice heard on a global stage.

To find out which category of membership is right for your organization see the ‘Categories’ tab below then click the green button to find out more.


ISF membership gives you a voice. It gets you involved and keeps you informed. It means you are supported when you need it.


  • ISF membership opens the door to the ISF World Seed Congress, the flagship event of the global seed industry that typically attracts around 1000-1500 delegates each year. This event is a truly unique opportunity to develop your industry knowledge and networks, and to negotiate trade agreements.
  • ISF membership gives you access to the relevant closed meetings of the ISF Congress.

BE HEARD – ISF Voting Rights

ISF membership means your voice is heard at top-level meetings of intergovernmental organizations including UPOV, OECD Seed Schemes, ISTA, WIPO, FAO, IPPC, CBD, IT and others. Thanks to its official observer status, ISF represents the views of its Members at regular meetings, for example, expressing concerns about developments or putting forward changes to regulations. No other trade association has such a broad observer status in such organizations.

BE SUPPORTED – ISF Arbitration

ISF membership means you can benefit from ISF arbitration in case of disputes.

BE INFORMED – ISF Communication

  • ISF membership keeps you informed of the latest ISF activities and industry developments through the bi-monthly News Bulletin emailed exclusively to members.
  • ISF membership gives you access to the relevant part of the Members Area on the ISF website.
  • ISF membership entitles you to participate in the ISF Communications Forum which connects on a quarterly basis to strengthen global coordination.


Associate Members

Companies active in plant breeding/seed trading. Note: If there is an Ordinary Member in the country where the company is registered, the company must be a member provided they are eligible to join and provided that the Ordinary Member has the relevant crop coverage.


The opportunity to try out ISF membership is open to potential Ordinary Members for two years, and to potential Associate members for one year. During this time Observers can experience the benefits of ISF membership before they sign up.

Affiliate Members

Provider companies such as crop protection companies and seed testing labs, or related associations that do not fit the Ordinary membership category.

Honorary Life Members

Former ISF members who are recognized by ISF for their outstanding contributions to the Federation.

Associate Members of the Tree & Shrub Seed Group

National associations of tree and shrub seed companies and/or individual companies active in this field.

Ordinary Members

National seed trade and/or plant breeders associations.

Loss of membership

Members who have not paid the annual membership fee for one year will have their membership revoked and will no longer be able to attend ISF meetings or the ISF World Seed Congress.