Seed treatments are the biological, physical and chemical agents and techniques applied to seed to provide protection and improve the establishment of healthy crops.

Optimizing production begins with elite genetics and protecting plants from pests and disease. This is sometimes accomplished by breeding pest and disease resistant varieties, thereby protecting the crop through its growth cycle.

However, breeding alone cannot address all the agronomic challenges faced by farmers, which means that crop protection products are often needed for good crop management.

Crop protection products can be applied during the growth of the crop or added to the seed. Seed treatments play a significant role in improving the establishment of healthy crops.

Applying the products directly to the seed is substantially more efficient and effective than broadcast crop protection methods.

It is important to apply products in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and to practice good stewardship practices at every stage of the product use cycle.

To address the issues relating to responsible product use, ISF established the Seed Applied Technologies Committee (SAT Com) which comprises representatives of  international seed/crop protection companies, and seed technology/application companies.