RPLI promotes the regulated pest list database as a key resource for “seed-is-a-pathway” pests.

As part of the promotion and external communication, RPLI publishes highlights of its work by posting on social media, publishing in journals, participating in webinars/conferences and preparing technical factsheets.

Key Events (from 2022)

Seed pathway of pests: current knowledge, risk management and future challenges, an ISF-ISTA joint presentationISPP webinar: Highlights on seed-borne pathogens2022

Publications (from 2019)

Title Journal Publication Year
Global seed movement poses demanding challenges Prophyta – The Annual 2021
Regulated Pest List Initiative: Science-based information reduces unwarranted trade barriers Prophyta – The Annual 2021
Whitefly main vector of tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus Prophyta – Focus on Europe 2021
Regulation of seed too often excessive Prophyta – The Annual 2022