ISF recommends that companies worldwide use these codes in catalogues and other communication with customers

Pest Codes

One of the goals of the seed industry is the consistent use of terminology. To support this ISF proposes pest codes for pests affecting vegetable crops.

See latest update (April 2024): Pest codes for vegetable crops

The pest codes of cereal crops are no longer updated; it is only informative.

The codes are reviewed at regular intervals to verify the correctness of the information provided and an updated version is posted online every year. As an aid to seed companies in major non-English speaking countries common names of diseases affecting vegetable crops in Dutch, French, Japanese and Spanish have also been listed.

See: Compiled pest codes table

Guidelines for Coding Pests of Vegetable and Cereal Crops

The ISF Expert Group – Disease Resistance Terminology (DRT) establishes a set of rigorous policy guidelines aimed at standardizing the inclusion, naming, and codification of pests relevant to the international vegetable seed sector. This document delineates clear and precise principles along with rules that govern how pests are listed, how their names are sourced, the protocol for managing name changes subsequent to taxonomic revisions, and the overall rules for codification.

These guidelines are the result of deliberate consensus among the ISF Expert Group – DRT members. The adopted principles and rules are designed to ensure consistency and accuracy in disease resistance terminology, crucial for the integrity and reliability of the work in the seed industry. These standards will remain unchanged until collectively reviewed and updated by the group, allowing the methodology to adapt as necessary while maintaining a structured approach.

See: Policy Guidelines for Disease Listing, Naming, and Codification Standards